Clergy Faith & Wellness: Saying thank you

Rev. Shelly Petz


Thank you.

Thank you Clergy.

Thank you Clergy families.

Thank you congregations for supporting clergy.

October is clergy appreciation month. Can you name one clergy person who has been a part of your faith journey in a powerful way? In honor of that pastor, would you be willing to share an act of appreciation for that pastor or another one? 

What would our conference look like if every pastor knew and experienced that they were appreciated?  Maybe that appreciation would be multiplied just because you took the time to tell someone they made a difference in your life and you are grateful.

Clergy, you carry weighty measures as you shepherd others. I invite you to receive and be open to gifts and acts of appreciation. When we look for the good, recognize the good and share the good, oh what power that has to transform lives for the making of disciples.

This is my thank you to you, my clergy colleagues, those who have gone before us, and those who will come after.

I thank you 

For the ways you inspired, taught, and fanned into flame a desire to know God in the lives of generations before me;

For baptizing and believing in me;

For personally knowing steadfast love and faithfulness and articulating that through words, actions, presence, and silence;

For bringing songs and scriptures to life;

For holding a safe space for me when tragedy arose;

For visiting me in the hospital;

For holding the hand of my loved one when I could not; 

For teaching me about the power of relationships with people who have stories different than my own;

For being a part of my journey of discernment of God's call on my life;

For offering me the bread and the cup and inviting all to the same table, even if I didn't want them there;

For presiding over my wedding;

For teaching me that following Christ is incredible, and incredibly difficult;

For praying when I had no words;

For leading in the midst of the unknown;

For offering perfect love to cast out fear;

For stepping out in faith;

For living out the fruits of the Spirit;

For helping me know my brokenness, pain, grief, joy, passions, and strengths can be used by God;

For your proclamation of resurrection when all hope is gone;

For your endless giving of your time, talents, gifts, service, and witness.

You have changed me forever.  Thank you for daily giving to God your best and your brokenness. Thank you for answering God's call on your life. It makes a difference.  

You comfort, you heal, you bless, you challenge, you equip, you teach, you lead, you serve, you forgive, you inspire, you laugh, you cry, you cry out, you love.  

Thank you.

Rev. Shelly Petz
Clergy Faith & Wellness