Clergy Faith & Wellness: Take care of your hearts during Lent

Rev. Shelly Petz


How is your heart? It is American Heart Month, and as United Methodists who understand the power of a “heart strangely warmed,” I invite you to look at your heart. How is it physically, emotionally and spiritually?

I care about your hearts and offer this invitation to the clergy of the Great Plains Conference: I invite you to join me during this upcoming season of Lent to take care of our hearts.

How am I doing this?

Physically: Choose something that I enjoy that is good for my physical heart and do it. (For me, this is increasing my walking regime.)

Emotionally: Where there is brokenness of relationship, purpose or living in a liminal season, tend to that. Where there is great joy, tend to that. (For me, this looks like leaning into the wilderness and embracing what I can learn.)

Spiritually: Invite God into my heart to clean it, heal it, lead it, change it, grow it. (For me, this is a daily time to turn away that which separates me from God and neighbor and moves me to live out my call and mission.)

United Methodist clergy, we are living in unchartered territory and you have so many demands on you for your time, energy, wisdom, and counsel. I believe in your leadership, your steadfast love and faithfulness, and your ability to preach and teach the good news of Jesus Christ. Please give yourself the permission you need to take care of your hearts along the way.

Grace and peace,

Rev. Shelly Petz

Clergy Faith and Wellness