Consider how you were called to be a servant for the Lord

Lay Servant Ministries


“You were called by him to partnership with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” - 1 Corinthians 1: 9

This verse is an important reminder to us as Christians.  It appeared in an online devotional that I receive each day.  The author varies each week, and the devotional’s target audience is high school- or college-age folks.  Even though I am into my “retirement” years, it is refreshing to read each day and to think of my faith through the eyes of a young person.

On Jan. 14, 2017, the following thoughts were written by Phillip Fackler.

"Paul tells us, however, that our gifts and skills and abilities aren’t for us alone. They are to be shared. We are “called by God to partnership with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” Jesus is our partner, our support in times of need, our coworker in times of strength.

"When we need support, Jesus lifts us through those around us, through teachers and friends, through parents and neighbors. When we are strong, Jesus invites us to share in his work of healing and reconciling, to use our gifts to partner with him in that holy work. We need not go it alone. Jesus, our partner, is with us."

These two paragraphs speak a great deal of truth on being a Lay Servant or Lay Speaker.  We all have gifts and abilities.  We need to share them.

As each district committee reviews the annual reports of the Lay Servants and Lay Speakers, we are reminded that there are so many ways for us to serve Christ and the church.  It is inspiring to me as a district director to read these reports.  I’m sure it is inspiring for others on the committee, too. 

Some serve through United Methodist Women.  Some serve through youth group sponsorship.  Some serve through prayer ministries.  The possibilities are endless.  Each person shows a desire to grow in his or her faith. 

Classes are offered across the conference for all kinds of learning activities.  Not every person is called to be a Lay Speaker, but the classes are still valuable.  Not all the classes are specifically about becoming a Lay Speaker.  The topics are varied.  When there are classes that fit into your schedule, take one whether you are “due” for another class or not.  Perhaps during that class you will be the person who is strong for someone else.  Perhaps in that class you will receive strength from others.

Be watching for notifications of classes as winter grows in to spring.  Consider how you were called to be in partnership with the Lord.

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Janet Claassen is the Blue River District director for Lay Servant Ministries.