Exciting things happening in Lay Servant Ministry

Lay Servant Ministries


Bishop Saenz’s recent announcement of administrative changes in the organization of the conference can have a beneficial impact on the Great Plains Conference Lay Servant Ministries. The stronger focus on mission fields and community service opens up all kinds of opportunities for lay servants to serve their churches and communities in new and exciting ways. 

Empowering laity to utilize their skills and life experiences to lead efforts within their local church to make disciples has long been a strength of the United Methodist Church.
Lay Servant Ministries has in place the organization and training tools for honing discipleship skills. There are more than 600 lay servants in the Great Plains Conference already serving their churches and communities in various capacities. The opportunity for others to be involved by recognizing the potential in leadership for lay persons is enormous. We welcome Bishop Saenz’s challenge to empower more laity through training, networking and advocacy as our roles expand and mature.

Learn more about Lay Servant Ministry, including upcoming training opportunities.
Mary Feit is the Great Plains Conference's director of Lay Servant Ministry.