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I am a church member now what?

I did not start going to church until after my husband and I were married. I was in my mid-20s. When I first started going to church. I helped with a few things here and there. I was involved in the things I wanted to be involved in and was a happy pew warmer the rest of the time. 

The longer I was a church member, the more I realized that, God had a call on my life!  Being a member of the church was not about what I believed and what I wanted to do. There was something deeper. I realized, I am not just a member of the church. I am the church and a member of the Body of the Christ!

I realized God’s Word is truth and He calls and equips us to be disciples in our homes, our churches, our community and the world.  

Each one of us has God-given gifts and a responsibility to use the gifts He gives us to make Jesus Christ known in the world, “to make disciples.”  With the help of my pastor, I was introduced to the Lay Speaking Ministry, as it was called at the time.  It is now Lay Servant Ministry.  The ministry is about providing opportunity for us to grow in leading, caring and communicating. 

Each class reveals God’s truth and call even more in our life. The classes provide a time of listening and sharing with others. Each class is designed to help us discern God’s call on our life, whether it be in the local church, the district, the conference or beyond! God is calling you!

The place to start this discernment process is in prayer to God and by talking to your local pastor. Call one of the Great Plains District Lay Servant Ministries directors and ask about the Lay Servant program. Look at the LSM portion of the Great Plains website.

Take a step forward in faith! When God has a call on your life, that “happy pew warmer spot” tends to get very uncomfortable!  He will not allow you to stay there! 

As it says in Esther 4:14, “… You are here for such a time as this?” You are a church member, a member of the body of Christ, now what will you do about it?

Jeanie Leeper is Lay Servant Ministry director in the Prairie Rivers District.