I’ve Been Thinking About It

Lay Servant Ministries


The phrase I hear most often when I suggest Lay Servant Ministries is, “I’ve been thinking about it!” Too many people still believe LSM training means pulpit supply, which scares many away from a call to LSM. While the program began with that one purpose in mind, folks quickly realized that lay persons can do so much more and the need for training in other areas was needed. Often an individual only needs a little nudge to go from “thinking about it” to “acting about it.”

Where do those little nudges come from? No, not the pastor--not all the time anyway. Nudges also come from laity. As lay servants, we have a special responsibility to seek out others to join our ranks. The need for lay persons to assume leadership roles in our faith communities has never been more urgent. The time has come for us all, clergy, laity, and lay servants alike to aggressively seek out persons with a passion for sharing God’s love and grace with all of God’s children.

If you are one that “has been thinking about it,” you can begin your journey with your pastor who can help you clarify your call. From there, contact your district director of LSM through your district office. This person will guide you to training and other opportunities for spiritual growth, as well as cultivating leadership and discipleship skills.

-- Mary Feit ,CLSp
Great Plains Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministries