I Was Lost

Lay Servant Ministries


Have you been lost, but didn’t know you were lost, until you were found? I understand, from scientific reports, many people found themselves lost during the pandemic. Depression, boredom, fear, despair, and loneliness, all taking its toll on many of us. I certainly felt the effects of the isolation. Attempts to recover from the pandemic are still preventing “back to normal” for most of us. I believe we are in a process of defining a new normal. Accepting that life will never be the same again is a hard pill to swallow.

The mighty virus did have its positive side, however. It gifted us with time to consider our priorities in life and faith. What really is important in this life? It gave us time to slow down, renew our relationship with God, listen to His guidance, to revel in His love.The pandemic, even with all its pain, sorrow, and loss, has given us new insight into the importance of family and friends, health and safety, meaningful work, nature and all of God’s creation, and God's love for all of His children.

I didn’t realize how lost I was until I could return to church in person, even though we still wear masks and social distance. It seemed that overnight the loneliness and despair dwindled away and I was able to again find my “groove.” Praise the Lord for His patience, faithfulness, and, most of all, His love. I didn’t realize how lost I was until I found Him again. I have also learned to find God in all places. A building does not mean we can’t worship in all of God’s creation. Remember that, Mary!

--Mary Feit, Great Plains director of Lay Servant Ministries