Lay Servants appreciate the mountains but do their work in the valleys

Lay Servant Ministries


We have rebooted, and the fit feels great! The Salina District just completed a very big weekend. We had three large classes with a total of 47 students from all across Kansas. We offered the Basic course, Go PREACH! and Lay Pastoral Care.

Meeting on the beautiful Kansas Wesleyan University campus, we used the classrooms and mezzanine in the new Student Activity Center. Evaluations were positive. We have another school planned in March 2017.

As I write this blog, I am traveling to the San de Cristo mountains near Westcliff, Colorado, by way of Pueblo. Pike’s Peak is to my right and the 14’s are to my left. I am nestled between two of my most favorite mountain ranges and two of the most wonderful places in Colorado. 

I remember a brief conversation with a GO PREACH! student regarding mountain-top experiences. He said he was on a mountain top, and I reminded him not to stay there. God’s work is done in the valleys.

God’s work is best appreciated in the valley. Pike’s Peak is not so grand as you ascend it. It is only standing miles away can one appreciate the height and grandeur. The mountain top is a pretty awesome place to be, however, and we all need to travel to the top once in a while for perspective of those valleys. 
So, I would encourage all Lay Servants and Lay Speakers to remember to appreciate the mountain tops, but, do your work in the valleys.

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Peace to all.

Janice Gillberg is Lay Servant Ministries co-director in the Salina District.