Lay Servants Are Underutilized

Lay Servant Ministries


In talking with lay servants across the conference, the most frequent complaint I hear from them is “I keep up my certification, but no one asks me to do anything.” We need to continue to keep our gifts and talents before the church and church leadership and be more assertive in offering our passions and skills. LSM is still an under-utilized resource in our conference but keep the faith. We are making progress.
If you have a new pastor this year, be sure to introduce yourself as soon as possible. Let the pastor know the certification you have achieved and maintained, the courses you have taken, and most importantly, your passions, gifts, and talents. If you have the same pastor, it would not hurt to remind the clergy and the church council of your training and desire to do more for the church and for God.
Also, you may identify a need, a project, or a small group in which you would like to be involved. It might be in your church or your community. Develop a plan of action and then present it to the church leadership. But don’t let your idea die in committee. I have heard that the best Methodist ideas die in committee. Your idea may just be the beginning of a great ministry. Keep the faith.
Mary Feit, CLSp
Conference Director of Lay Servant Ministry