Lay Servants can help with media during worship services

Lay Servant Ministries


In the April 1 blog, Mary Feit closed her blog with this statement:

“Gone are the days when we believed clergy had to do it all!”

What is a unique, yet needed way that Lay Servants can serve their congregations?  They can serve their worship services with multi-media in mind.  Pulpit supply is not the only way to enhance the worship service in your own congregation.

Todd Seifert, our conference communications director, shared ideas in a multimedia worship training the weekend of April 8 and 9.  If you were not able to attend the training, perhaps you can visit with Todd about serving your district with a similar training.

Todd had great ideas on:

  • Content – if you don’t have content, all the bells and whistles of technology will not reach those you want to reach.
  • Making your altar area attractive and different to match the themes of your pastor’s sermons.
  • Proper location of camera and sound equipment. 
  • Software that will give you a step up on professional looking slides.
  • Who should serve on a technology committee?
How do these ideas (and others he shared) relate to Mary’s comment on clergy doing it all?  In seeking to expand Lay Servants in your district, don’t overlook the need to liven up, brighten up and “tech up” the worship services of your congregation.  There are lay people who have these skills or interests.  Let’s show them how this falls within the definition of being a Lay Servant.

Contact Todd at for more information and for a training.

Jan Claassen is the Lay Servant Ministry director for the Blue River district.