Many changes under way in Lay Servant Ministry program

Lay Servant Ministries


There are many, many changes happening in Lay Servant Ministries. 

The General Conference of 2012 made several changes in the Book of Discipline regarding Lay Servant Ministry.  The most encompassing change are in the requirements for the Lay Speaker designation. 

Not only are specific course requirements identified, but the applicant for Lay Speaker is now required to interview with the District Lay Servant Ministries Committee initially and every three years.  After approval by the district committee, the Conference Lay Servant Ministries Committee also reviews the application. These changes essentially raised the bar for those called to the Lay Speaker role.

This new challenge has required considerable more time from the district directors of Lay Servant Ministries as well as district and conference staff.  We have come to realize in order to have a strong presence in the conference as well as contribute to the mission of the church, more time and resources are required. This is my goal as Great Plains Conference Lay Servant Ministries director, to support a dynamic ministry built on excellence and strong leadership.
Mary Feit, CLS, is the Great Plains Conference Lay Servant Ministries director.