Micah Corps member shares poem on truth

Micah Corps


This week we begin our contributions from members of the 2023 Micah Corps. This submission is from Julia Davidchik, a Columbus, Nebraska, native who is finishing her sophomore year at Central Community College, transferring to a school in Colorado this fall for a physical therapy degree.

From these past two weeks as a Micah Corps intern, I have learned, laughed, and was surprised a lot. Some of the subjects we talked about include how segregated Omaha is, redlining, immigration, learning about the conflict with Israel and Palestine from Alex Awad, and structural racism.

We have met with a variety of people who have shared their stories and experiences, such as Rev. Andrew Finch, Sarah Marsh, Rev. Maddie Johnson, Rev. Rebecca Hjelle, and Andrea Paret. From all of the information that I have learned, the easiest in my mind was to tell a story through a poem. The following poem is my reaction to what we have learned about these past few weeks. 
What is the truth?
Are men and women equal in the world?
Should a person of color be allowed to do the same things as a Caucasian person?
Why does the truth seem much harder to say than a lie?
Open your eyes and look beyond what you do not want to see.
Close your mouth and listen to the sounds around you.
Patience is the person who seeks the truth. 
Anger is the one who destorys the world. 
Be the change that you wish to see. 
Speak for those that do not have a voice. 
Listen to the stories of joy, laughter, and pain. 
Love with mercy on all people, regardless of outside appearance. 
Dig deeper and discover the heart of a person.
Challenge the idea of change. 
Learn from the mistakes of the past.
Share your talents with others. 
Dare to be different. 
Celebrate the uniqueness in life. 
Run to the ideas of freedom, justice, and hope.
Sprint away from the ideas of hatred, segregation, and discrimination. 
Hold onto the ones that love you. 
Build your army and be the spark of change you desire in your life.