Newsflash: Being a Foreigner

Maria Niechwiadowicz


One sunny Saturday afternoon, Arnold and I board Bus #2 to head back to our apartments. Little did we know that history was being made. :) A day later a local friend found this news article on an online news site for Guyuan. Enjoy!


Please behave yourself in the public place, because now big Guyuan is not old Guyuan of the past, because you can meet “international friends.” Even when you take the city bus. The above picture was taken by a man named “Zhanglei.” He saw a black handsome man and a white beauty when he was in No.2 city bus. Instantly, the feeling of living in the international metropolis strikes him.

Next time when you see foreigners, please be confident and don’t be shy, and please do not act like a monkey staring at them curiously. If you can speak English, greet them and show our hospitality. My English is pretty good, like “How are you?”(The direct translation is ‘Why are you here?’) or “How old are you? ”(The direct translation is ‘Why you show up all the time?’). As for these stupid men who can’t speak any English, please stay away from foreigners and do not lose the face of Guyuan!


What a great article! Arnold and I could not stop laughing at the frankness of this writer and his call to action. But in all seriousness, this situation is just one example of how it feels to be one of only 8 foreigners in this entire city. We constantly have to be aware of how we are acting in public, because everyone is watching. There is very little sense of privacy, which is reiterated in the fact that every face in this picture, except that of Arnold & I, are blurred out.

Just another day in Guyuan! :)