Pastoral leadership interns share experiences -- Hannah Wittenberg


The Pastoral Leadership internship program is for young adults aged 18-22.  This ten-week program will provide young leaders the opportunity to experience pastoral work in the most "hands-on" way possible while being supported by a mentoring pastor and a teaching congregation.  Hannah Wittenberg served at Wyandotte UMC (Kansas City District) for the summer of 2017.

The Pastor, secretary, and I were the only three who worked at the church during the day. In this picture we were out on a lunch break.

On June 25th we held a community picnic. Unfortunately, it rained and we had to move everything indoors, but that did not stop the people from coming!

This is also a picture from our church picnic. We had many people from the community come and members from a chin congregation that will begin using Wyandotte’s sanctuary soon for their own services.

During story time at VBS we learned that God provides for us, God protects us, and God helps us!

We partnered with another church to put on a week of VBS. This picture is some of us eating dinner!

I was given my first opportunity to preach this summer. I preached 2 out of a 3 week sermon series on grace.

I attended many church meetings this summer and learned about how United Methodist churches are run.

Every Sunday afternoon I helped with the youth group!

One Sunday the church didn’t have power due to a bad storm Saturday night. This gave me the opportunity to share a song I wrote with the congregation.