Reflections from a squeaky bunk bed

Micah Corps


The following article is written by Mariah Fusco, the coordinator for our 2022 Micah Corps. She just graduated from Perkins School of Theology with a Master of Divinity. This summer we have five young adults with us participating in this summer internship. The interns focus on deepening their spiritual walk, engaging in social justice, building relationship with community and faith leaders in Omaha, and growing in leadership skills. In the following weeks you will hear from each one of them.

The joy of working with young adults is embracing that each day throws you a curveball. The same could be said across ministry as a whole, but ministry with young adults has a special moment between the pitch and the homerun that leaves room for wonder and speculation. In these special moments of wonder, I am reminded of how God is at work in the mission and vision of Micah Corps.

Our trip to Washington D.C., of course, occurred during a historical time in our nation. We were witnesses to many profound and vulnerable moments, and in these moments, I was reminded of the compassion and perseverance that made this time in our lives possible.

Gratitude pours from my soul as I think about Rev. Dr. Charlotte Abram and Rev. Marta Wheeler, who drove us to the airport; the parent of an intern who rescued us from the airport when our original flight was canceled; Rev. Sarah Marsh and Donna Ernest for making sure our flight was rescheduled in the way that least affected our schedule, and Maddi Baugous for going above and beyond to take us to the airport (again) at 4 in the morning. And to think, these are just the names of people who showed us love prior to arriving in Washington D.C.!

In Washington, I was thankful for the presence of Andrea Paret and Rev. Maddie Johnson, who guided Micah Corps through educational opportunities and places of growth, for Aimee Hong and the many speakers at our General Board of Church and Society seminar, and for everyone who kindly supported our interns with their gifts and graces. In the chaos of the world, my mind and soul are centered when I think of the people of the Great Plains Conference who ensure that the Micah Corps program is one that Micah Corps members, from left, Emily Smith, Charlotte Carroll, John Finch, Mariah Fusco, Lumiere Bisisi and Odyssey Mann. can thrive. As we enter into the second half of our program, I will take with me this spirit of compassion that is present in this conference, knowing that where the will of God is, so too is the will of humanity.

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