Sure, you're busy; but are you being fruitful?

Lay Servant Ministries


These days, my personal planning calendar has a way of filling up with activities and obligations. Some of the dates are filled by appointments and meetings. Others I have filled by planning neighborhood cook-outs and family trips.

As I review these calendar dates and the plans associated, I try to remember to pray over each day and the plans I have made or others have made for me. Today, I was listening to a wise Christian friend talk about how busy our lives are. She asked those of us gathered whether we are just busy or are we fruitful.

What a great question! And I ask of my fellow lay servants of the Great Plains Conference: Are you busy or are you fruitful in your walk with the Lord?

Several courses for lay servants are on the Great Plains Conference calendar for this second half of 2016. Would taking a course in lay pastoral care, small-group leading, planning worship, speaking from the pulpit, or leading prayer help you to be more fruitful in your life with Christ? Would focus on growth in an area of service to your local church be a more fruitful way of spending your time?

I encourage all members of our local churches to find ways to serve, to be in unity with the vision of your church and the conference, to walk beside your pastor in offering Jesus Christ to the world in our cities, towns, and rural areas for the transformation of that world.

Ardith Davenport is director of Lay Servant Ministries for the Gateway District.