The Interview

Maria Niechwiadowicz


After the Bus #2 article appeared online, Arnold & I were quickly found and contacted about doing a formal interview. Upon receiving permission from our teaching organization, we were both eager to accept. Turns out the interviewers from DaChenXiaoShi (online news organization) were just as eager to meet us.

They showed up at my door with notebooks, a camera, and words of greeting. We had a blast discussing life in Guyuan together. This news company is a private organization (meaning, not controlled by the government as of yet) that focuses on “Life.” They cater to the young people in Guyuan, trying to write compelling stories about various young adults and how they are making a difference in the city.

Our interview turned into a long, informal lunch, and by the next morning, the article was published. Arnold and I felt really blessed by the time spend with these writers. As young adults themselves (meaning, late 20s to early 30s), they were easy to talk to and to express our warm feelings about Guyuan, a city that we have come to love.

As the article floated around on social media that day, love flowed from the community. Friends, students, and colleagues, commented on the article, expressing their gratitude towards us. Hundreds of strangers commented expressing praise as well, such as one Guyuan taxi driver who mentioned he had driven us one day and was inspired by our happiness.

A year ago I wouldn’t say I was attached to the Guyuan community, but the past month has been difficult to transition because of the love that has developed. Every day brings a deeper connection to someone or some aspect of this place, yet I am very aware that my time is dwindling fast. At the same time, I am excited to return home, hug my family, and see what God has in store for me next.

I hope you enjoy the article: