Travel like Jesus

Maria Niechwiadowicz


My latest post for The Book of Fellows – “Travel like Jesus.”

The Book of Fellows


Being a teacher in China gives me the benefit of a long winter holiday to wander through the country. What a blessing! What I realized on my most recent trip was that Jesus, too, was a traveler. In fact, Jesus was the ultimate traveler, using his own two feet to take him from place to place. Reading the Gospels we find that Jesus actually seems quite fond of nature, journeying to mountains and lakes often, for example. But Jesus didn’t journey to experience amazing sites or taste the local cuisine – his purpose was solely relational. He went to preach, teach, and heal. He built relationships and united communities under God’s name. Despite his importance and ‘lofty status’ as the Son of God, he entered into the must humble of homes and communicated with the lowest of people. This was how he learned, served, and shared the message of Truth…

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