United Methodist Church of the Future

Lay Servant Ministries


I was honored to represent my church at the Leadership Summit held at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection last week, September 25-27. We were challenged in many ways to imagine our church of the future. Most importantly I was given hope that our church will survive but will likely look much different than it does now. Several points I brought home follow.

  • In order to make change, you first must tear the system down before it can be rebuilt. We have a system that is no longer effective in this time. We need to build a new system that works today.
  • Even if we do not agree on a subject, we can still love one another and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • We will build a church that is exciting, relevant, compassionate, inclusive, and based in God’s love.
  • Too many congregations have not yet had this conversation. Now is the time to speak out.
  • The UMC of the future will not happen overnight. Not even by 2020 and far beyond. Be patient, compassionate, educated, and involved in the conversation.
  • Remember prayer, especially asking God daily to put you to work for His purpose.
Mary Feit
New Visions UMC
Lincoln, NE