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I’ve Been Thinking About It

Lay Servant Ministries


The phrase I hear most often when I suggest Lay Servant Ministries is, “I’ve been thinking about it!” Too many people still believe LSM training means pulpit supply, which scares many away from a call to LSM. While the program began with that one purpose in mind, folks quickly realized that lay persons can do so much more and the need for training in other areas was needed. Often an individual only needs a little nudge to go from “thinking about it” to “acting about it.” Where do those little ...

Look for change in the daily devotion email

Todd Seifert


Romans 8:28 says this: "We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose." We'll come back to the scripture in a moment. But first, I want to talk about engines — how I’m amazed by them, and how I am utterly confused by them. My dad has a great mechanical aptitude. My brother is pretty good at mechanical things as well. I most definitely am not, but I am still fascinated by them. All sorts of pieces and parts of different shapes and...

Advent Reflection

Lay Servant Ministries


Advent started a new church year and soon the calendar will also turn to a new year -2022. Amid this continued unsettling time of pandemic, as divisions run deep and as we are all experiencing a multitude of emotions, let’s pause once again, before this Advent season ends and listen for God’s voice calling us forward into 2022 and new ways of caring for each other and for all of God’s creation. Advent is a time when… A nticipation builds D ays shorten V aried activities are offered E arth rests...

I Was Lost

Lay Servant Ministries


Have you been lost, but didn’t know you were lost, until you were found? I understand, from scientific reports, many people found themselves lost during the pandemic. Depression, boredom, fear, despair, and loneliness, all taking its toll on many of us. I certainly felt the effects of the isolation. Attempts to recover from the pandemic are still preventing “back to normal” for most of us. I believe we are in a process of defining a new normal. Accepting that life will never be the same again is...

Hymn of Promise

Lay Servant Ministries


Is your cup half full or half empty? That’s an old, old question which somewhat defines how we view life. A lot of us see the cup as half empty. Pastors are stressed out trying to meet the needs of their charges and families while struggling to decide whether it is better to meet in person or in some other setting. Are we going to lose members to other churches if we require masks? Will people come back or will they get used to staying in their “jammies” on Sunday morning? All questions that ...

The Lord is my shepherd

Lay Servant Ministries


Recently I received a gift – a cross with the words of the 23rd Psalm written on it. It is a wonderful daily blessing.   For David, The Lord is my Shepherd speaks of an intimate relationship with God. It’s an affirmation of who is his personal shepherd, who he owes and gives his allegiance to, who he belongs to, who loves him just as he is and who calls him back into close relationship and reminds him to return to his calling. David says my shepherd, asserting that even if God is shepherd to no ...

Faith wins out over fear

Lay Servant Ministries


It seems that no matter who we are, we all have fears. Some of those fears are natural, like wild animals charging us, spiders crawling on us, heights, weather events such as hurricanes or tornados, lightning and thunder that surprises us.  We struggle with fear more frequently than we care to admit.   Our hearts are constantly torn between fear and faith. That has been obvious the past 18 or so months with COVID-19 spreading throughout the world. It’s the bipolar nature of every Christian who ...

Our collective detour thanks to COVID

Lay Servant Ministries


A friend of mine recently wrote of how she is dealing with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and I thought it worthy of sharing here:   “I enjoy walking in the early mornings when my schedule allows it. Recently, my walks have been made more adventurous by the addition of a detour on my route — not a detour for me but for many drivers who were used to taking another route and now are forced to drive slower, through my usually quiet neighborhood. The traffic has become heavier, yes, but it’s the ...

What does your Bible look like?

Lay Servant Ministries


Is your Bible a coffee table book setting at one end and big picture book at the other end? Or is it on a hutch with the family pictures? These are fine places to display and honor the word of God, but does it do your mind or heart any good? The only time it is open is to record a birth or death of a family member or to see when someone of the family died or were married. There are 66 books in our Protestant Bible, 39 in the Old Testament, 27 in the New Testament. Within the Old Testament we ...

#LoveStrong begins with Reconnecting

Nathan D. Stanton


Of all the things that have given me hope after my diagnosis of bulbar-ALS in August of 2020, it was the possibility of the world getting reconnected by getting vaccinated. The vaccination of the whole world was a hope last fall. By Christmas it was going to be reality. Now, on the cusp of summer, we’re working our way toward herd immunity. I was so grateful for stories within my family, work colleagues, and others, the opportunities they were looking forward to in order to reconnect with those ...

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