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Jesus Loves Me

Lay Servant Ministries


“Jesus Loves Me” (UMH 191) is one of the first lessons I learned in the church. It is one that has influenced me throughout my life. If we’re very fortunate, we learn this lesson early in our lives, in a nurturing, loving environment. This is foundational in our understanding of our relationship with God. If we stay connected with God, we continue to learn and know more about God. The lessons become more involved and complex as we open ourselves and let the Holy Spirit guide and direct us. I ...

Reflections from a squeaky bunk bed

Micah Corps


The following article is written by Mariah Fusco, the coordinator for our 2022 Micah Corps. She just graduated from Perkins School of Theology with a Master of Divinity. This summer we have five young adults with us participating in this summer internship. The interns focus on deepening their spiritual walk, engaging in social justice, building relationship with community and faith leaders in Omaha, and growing in leadership skills. In the following weeks you will hear from each one of them. ...

Remembering your call

Rev. Shelly Petz


In the world of United Methodist clergy, July marks beginnings for some.   New appointments. New retirements. New ministerial status. New appointive year, even if you are staying in the same appointment. New things to think about.   As we enter into July, I invite you to remember your call. It matters.   I recently went back to the place of my call. It was a literal mountaintop experience. I was by myself when my call occurred. Since then, I have taken different people with me to the holy site. ...

Wahoo UMC reaches goal to erase medical debt


Nebraska’s Wahoo UMC set a goal for its 150th anniversary – to raise $15,000 for RIP Medical Debt, which erases the charges for pennies on the dollar. “They hit the goal to wipe out $1.5 million in medical debt for our neighbors,” Michael Carpenter, pastor of the church, told the Wahoo Newspaper. Read more here.

What Kind of Flower are You?

Lay Servant Ministries


“All persons are like grass, and all their glory is like the flowers of the field.” Isaiah 40:6    One of the things I inherited from my mother was a love of flowers. When our first and only home was purchased, I began planting flowers and have continued since. I have learned a lot about them. Flowers are either annuals or perennials. Those that are annuals will live and bloom for only a season. This includes petunias, marigolds, and zinnias, to name a few. Occasionally, an annual like Sweet ...


Lay Servant Ministries


This past Sunday, my husband and I attended the Confirmation service for our 14-year-old grandson, Eric. How appropriate and special to have Confirmation on Pentecost Sunday. Pentecost is one of the three major holidays in the church. What are the three major Christian holidays? Easter, Christmas, and Pentecost. Most people remember Easter and Christmas, but many forget about Pentecost. Pentecost is the Christian holiday celebrated on the 50th day (the seventh Sunday) after Easter Sunday. ...

I Did It My Way

Lay Servant Ministries


It is with very mixed emotions that I resign as Director of Lay Servant Ministries for the conference. The experience has enriched my life and guided my spirit into new and exciting places. I have met many precious people and made many friends along the journey. I do, however, feel it is time for new leadership, ideas, passion, and energy. During the eight years I have served in this capacity, we brought this conference into compliance with the standards established by General Conference 2016. ...

Disaster Response Team helps with tornado recovery


The Great Plains Disaster Response Team was on the ground in Andover, Kansas, as the sun rose showing the destruction from the EF-3 tornado on April 29. First responders from Sedgewick and Butler counties activated their search and rescue phase. By Sunday afternoon, our team was charged with overseeing the Volunteer Reception Center, which would be located at the Andover UMC. By late Monday all areas affected were deemed safe. Tuesday morning, our team arrived at the church at 6 a.m. ready to ...

Here I am Lord, Send Me

Lay Servant Ministries


… “Don’t be afraid, I’ve redeemed you.     I’ve called your name. You’re mine. When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you… Because I am God, your personal God,     The Holy of Israel, your Savior. Isaiah 43:1-3, paraphrased from The Message   It is hard for most of us to find time to do extra study and make another commitment, even to God. Our lives are so busy, whether we are still working outside the home full time, working at home or are retired. And yet, God is calling, calling ...

3 R’s for the Laity

Lay Servant Ministries


As we enter the month of May we tend to think of the end of the school year, that time when grade cards tell how well students have done in the 3R’s—reading, writing and arithmetic. (Suggesting these all start with the letter R probably doesn’t set the best example for our youth as they study spelling…) We have also just passed the annual observance of Earth Day with its own 3R’s—Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. As stewards of God’s creation, we should all be observing these actions as well. Today, ...

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