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Highlights of Commissioning!

Maria Niechwiadowicz


As of July 19, 2014 I am an officially missionary of the United Methodist Church!                                                                                                 What an honor to be blessed by 6 bishops!               Anchored Cross                                                                                              Joyful with Chelsea                                 Arnold Brown Jr.                                                  ...

Taken, blessed, broken, given

Maria Niechwiadowicz


With feet back on U.S. soil, I am overcome with emotion, overcome by the power of God, and overcome by reality. How do I put the last month into words? How do I convey the sense of comfort and family that was created between the 42 of us? How do I merge this experience with reality? I could write for pages on the various sessions we covered- everything from conflict management and relationship building to Wesley 101 and itineration. I could speak endlessly about each of the 42 Fellows and how ...

GYPCLA: United

Maria Niechwiadowicz


Participating in the Global Young Peoples Convocation and Legislative Assembly (GYPCLA) took a spirit of adaption and patience. I did not envy the planning team in moving 400 people to a new location and organizing the logistics for worship, sessions, and meals on the spot. The main purpose of GYPCLA is to discuss and vote on legislation that will later be taken to General Conference. The decisions made are taken to be a representation of the young adult voice of the United Methodist Church. As...

Meeting Glenda

Maria Niechwiadowicz


On July 16th, typhoon Glenda touched the lives of our family at CCT in Tagaytay. In the early morning hours many of us were abruptly awakened by torrential rain, howling winds, and flooding. Some friends exited their rooms merely seconds before the roof was peeled away! Congregated in our respective rooming facilities my heart stayed somewhat calm as we sang together in prayer. Finally we were notified that we were in the eye of the storm. We were instructed to quickly evacuate to the main ...

Update from Tagaytay

Maria Niechwiadowicz


With a week under our belt, already there is a unified bond among the 2014 class of Global Mission Fellows! I have enjoyed waking each morning to a tropical cotton candy sunrise! :) Our days have been packed with devotions, sessions on everything from values to logistics, and bonding with groups based on our regional placements in the world. This schedule leaves me exhausted at 8pm, but as many of you know, I have no problem going to bed early! This week, we will be joined by hundreds of fellow...

I made it!

Maria Niechwiadowicz


After hours of plane time I am happy to say that I have arrived in the Philippines! Our 14hr flight plus 3:30am arrival left me stiff and groggy. Despite massive lines, immigration and customs were simple and uneventful. I leaped for joy when I spotted my luggage, thinking of my experience in India. Stepping out into the morning, the air was thick with moisture and a light rain fell from the sky. Welcome to Manila! Being the first group to arrive, we lucked out with a low key day. Most of us ...

Travel begins!

Maria Niechwiadowicz


After flying across the USA today, I am resting in the midst of the Los Angeles airport, a 14 hour flight still ahead! It was surreal to leave family and friends after 4th of July festivities. But now this adventure feels real and I am filled with excitement! Despite a long day (which is not over), I can already feel God using me. I made a new best friend in the check in line today. Her name is Teresa and she is 5 years old. As we waited and moved through the line for an hour we talked about the...

NUMB, Wednesday, July 2


Ends with a breeze ... The day started with riders enjoying another fine meal at the Gibbon UMC. Egg casserole, fruit, muffins and pastries sent riders off happy and satisfied. And with SAG support not far off, no one ever goes without proper carbo-loading on a NUMB Ride. Not all NUMB Rides end as well as today's. Today really could be described as a perfect day for a ride. Temperatures were unbelievably mild for July. The wind was negligible the first half of the route and very tolerable for ...

NUMB, Tuesday, July 1


The wind to our backs ... for awhile   With the promise of the wind to our back, riders were off early on Tuesday. A great breakfast provided by the Broken Bow church volunteers sent riders off with nutrition to start the day. The ride seemed more social today or perhaps the conditions made it possible for more riders to keep up a more rapid pace. I found SAG stops to be busy hubs of food and fellowship along with the occasional repair need. We rode through incredible agricultural lands which ...

Bringing change to the small membership church

Micki McCorkle


A clergy perspective In some ways, change is change, and change can be difficult no matter what size of congregation we are in. Church growth people tell us all the time that we need to do things like the following to bring creative change: Prayer for all and at all times – before, during and after Know your context – who is really in the community and what are their needs? Don’t do stuff for yourselves, do things for the community – outreach Have a vision/mission and stick with it.  Focus and ...

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