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Clergy Faith & Wellness: a gift for you

Rev. Shelly Petz


It is December in a local church.   A parishioner was recently diagnosed with cancer.  A friend began in hospice care. A teacher was killed in a car accident, due to icy road conditions. There are 27 Christmas programs, worship services, or events to plan, attend, and manage. There are two weddings and six funerals. There is grief, pain, sorrow, anxiety, and loss. That of the congregation, and your own.   And... Clergy are expected to bring God's word of Hope, Love, Joy, and Peace.   In this ...

In Layman's Terms: Can you really use that photo?

Todd Seifert


I’ve written about the important issue of photo copyrights before and have dedicated a small portion of a multimedia worship tools workshop to the subject as well. But every now and then something comes up that I think requires me to reiterate some key points. And let’s be honest, this is a complicated subject. Recently, a church reached out to the conference office to seek some guidance on an issue. The church had received a notice from what amounts to a copyright collection agency named ...


Lay Servant Ministries


This is the season of expectations. We await the Advent season all year. As Christians we await the celebration of the birth of baby Jesus. We await the music, the decorations, the plays and the Christmas programs. The expectations build for weeks. We have expectations for not only the Christmas season but for the New Year's, as well. This week I was having lunch with family and friends when someone mentioned the end of this month also brings the end of this decade. I was hit with the ...

November blogging

Lay Servant Ministries


As I am not an active (or anytime) blogger, I have wondered about its intent and usage. Is blogging intended to promote interest and response by stating controversial topics and positions? Or is its purpose to provide a platform for basic truths to be shared and/or critiqued?     So, how does the month of November relate to our faith walk and understanding of our duties as lay persons. I am sure there are many noteworthy events during the month, but I will relate to the few of which I am aware. ...

Resources within the TiM program - Katelyn Zoglmann

Transition into Ministry Program


The TiM program connected me with extremely useful resources even before starting my first appointment, but especially in those first few key months of the appointment when you are establishing your leadership identity and getting to know the congregation, the context, and the conference. The introductory TiM retreat in June was particularly helpful for preparing to serve, since it was a sort of orientation to pastoral ministry but it occurred a couple months prior to the Great Plains’ Right ...

End of year reflections on TiM program - Younghwan Won

Transition into Ministry Program


Calling: Your Pastoral Identity and Formation, Identifying your gifts Most of all, TiM has given me the opportunities to think about my call on ministry through retreats, meetings, resources, and fellowships. As a beginner pastor, it was easy for me to focus on my daily routines only. There were many things to learn and get used to in my ministry life in the last year. Among those repeating routines, TiM has helped me to be reminded of my call to ministry and even deepen it. So I could have some...

TiM program reflections - Blake Stanwood

Transition into Ministry Program


When taking a look at the prompts for a narrative reflection for the TiM program experience so far in the context of my ministry and experience, I absolutely loved the idea of sharing with others who might be interested about my own journey in this process.             Thinking back to when I first heard about the Transition into Ministry Program for the first time, I remember being in my second year of seminary and getting a phone call about the program and then an email, and then finding the ...

TiM program, first year reflections - Alex Rossow

Transition into Ministry Program


I have experienced the gifts of the TiM program throughout my first year. There have been high points and low points during my first appointive year at Silver Lake UMC. There are many facets of the program that have greatly benefited me during my first year. Two of those gifts have been the relationships with pastors in the program and the mentoring of Maria Campbell. They supported me, they encouraged me, and they listened to me during my low points. They celebrated, shared their joy and their ...

United Methodist Church of the Future

Lay Servant Ministries


I was honored to represent my church at the Leadership Summit held at the United Methodist Church of the Resurrection last week, September 25-27. We were challenged in many ways to imagine our church of the future. Most importantly I was given hope that our church will survive but will likely look much different than it does now. Several points I brought home follow.   In order to make change, you first must tear the system down before it can be rebuilt. We have a system that is no longer ...

The TiM program has allowed me to experience a different way of doing life and ministry - Kyle Reynolds

Transition into Ministry Program


One of the realities that I’ve become accustomed to, though still not comfortable with, in this wild world of church leadership and clergy life is the presence of a feeling of competition among colleagues. I remember hearing in seminary about this as an unfortunate but unshakable fact of our shared profession – something like calluses are for people who work in construction. It was something that was bemoaned with the same passionless fervor that our Chicago winters were – with resigned ...

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