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Congregational Excellence

Don't be confused by what Lay Servants do to serve God

Lay Servant Ministries


Did you ever find so many things roiling around in your mind that you couldn’t make sense of what was going on?  Isn’t being a Lay Servant confusing? That’s my situation right now.  I have this epistle passage, a recent article from the Five Rivers District Lay Servant Ministries newsletter, an old teaching from my first-grade teacher and a story (supposedly) about St. Francis all jumbled up in my mind. And I need to find a way to make sense of it all in some kind of “inspirational message” ...

Lay Servant Ministries: Networking, Training, Advocacy

Lay Servant Ministries


It seems to me there is such potential for making disciples using the framework of the Lay Servant Ministries program. Let’s call it honing discipleship skills. How do we best move the Lay Servant Ministries program forward as a dynamic part of the Great Plains Conference? I believe we do this by providing networking opportunities, organizing appropriate training events and advocating for the role of the Lay Servant in the mission of the church.   Networking opportunities begin with the district...

An authentic walk in the Word

Nathan D. Stanton


A story of Mike Cather's spiritual leadership journey (photo left). Standing six foot five inches, Mike Cather is easily located in a crowd. The former college basketball player is a full-time farmer, father, husband and long-time lay leader at Anthony United Methodist Church, in Harper County, Kansas.  Mike has been involved with United Methodist ministry his whole life growing up United Methodist as a child and a youth. He accepted Christ at the age of fifteen while surrounded by his ...