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Connecting with community

Vital Ideas: Generous Geneva – What’s in store for shoppers this year?


The Advent and Christmas season is a time of preparation and celebration of the Christ child, and to be honest, to shop! I know, I know – the secular world is stealing the meaning of Christmas – BUT – what if a community could connect people to real meaning through the traditional act of shopping? Read on to see what started as a Christmas garage sale ten years ago. Jill Schmidt, a restaurant owner and a United Methodist in Geneva, Nebraska, wanted to connect people who needed affordable gifts ...

Transforming the world


Christians know that God hates sin. God has condemned murder, lying, stealing, adultery, greed, sexual immorality, blasphemy and worshipping false gods. When an individual comes to having faith in Christ, God’s grace actively seeks to help that person grow toward “the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14). At the same time, God desires more than just a group of holy individuals. God’s will is that the entire world be re-created to conform to God’s will. Christians are ...