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Spiritual Leadership

Transforming the world


Christians know that God hates sin. God has condemned murder, lying, stealing, adultery, greed, sexual immorality, blasphemy and worshipping false gods. When an individual comes to having faith in Christ, God’s grace actively seeks to help that person grow toward “the holiness without which no one will see the Lord” (Hebrews 12:14). At the same time, God desires more than just a group of holy individuals. God’s will is that the entire world be re-created to conform to God’s will. Christians are ...

Deciding where to serve


One of the great blessings of Annual Conference is the opportunity to see all the many things that God is doing through The United Methodist Church in our state and around the world. We not only hear about vital congregations and how they are doing innovative ministry in various ways, but we hear about our colleges, camps, retirement homes, global missions, ministries with the poor and ministries with children in need. One of my reactions is that I am proud to be a United Methodist Christian. ...

Deepening spiritual disciplines through devotions


I have a deep sympathy with individuals who find it hard to practice spiritual disciplines. For many years, I could not find the right pattern for regular prayer and Bible Study. Like many pastors, I studied the scriptures for professional reasons: preparing sermons, leading Bible study and teaching classes. But what did I do to nourish my own relationship with Christ? Over the years, leading Disciple Bible Study helped me. That required weekly preparation, and I moved to, at least, doing all of...