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Boundary/Ethics Renewals

All clergy serving churches in the Great Plains conference are required to Boundary and Ethics training. Boundary training focuses on developing healthy boundaries in ministry and is specific to the role of a clergy person. Of particular concern is the power difference between a person in a ministerial role and a member of his or her congregation or a person being counseled. Boundary training also includes conversation about personal and professional health and the use of social media.

Boundary 101 trainings have been scheduled for those who have not previously had training, primarily for new clergy, DSA or CLM. This training must be renewed every four years be retaking Boundary 101 or by taking Boundary 201.

Boundary 201 trainings have also been scheduled for fall 2017. This is for those who have already taken Boundary 101 and now need to be renewed.

If you have questions about your need for Boundary training please contact your district office. You may also contact Rev. Nancy Lambert by email ( or phone (402-464-5994, ext 126). 


Boundary 101

There are currently four trainings scheduled, which are all listed below. All trainings begin at 9 a.m. and end at 4:30 p.m. The cost for lunch and the participant book is $25, but BOOM is covering a portion of this so your cost is only $10. You may register for any of these trainings.

  • Tuesday, Sept. 12, at First UMC Outreach Center, 3602 16th St., Columbus NE
  • Thursday, Sept. 14 at Bethany UMC, 1601 S Main St., Wichita KS
  • Tuesday, Sept. 26, at Alma UMC, 304 7th St., Alma NE
  • Saturday, Oct. 7, at 46 Vermont S., Lawrence, KS

Boundary 201

There are currently four Boundary 201 trainings schedule across the conference, and you will find the dates and locations below. All trainings begin at 9 a.m. and end at 5 p.m. The cost for lunch and the participant book is $25, but the Board of Ordained Ministry is covering a portion of this, so your cost is only $10. You may register for any of these trainings.

  • Friday, Oct. 27, at West Heights UMC, 745 N Westlink Ave, Wichita KS
  • Thursday, Nov 2, at Cozad UMC, 1515 Ave B, Cozad, NE
  • Monday, Nov 6, at First UMC, 946 Vermont St., Lawrence KS
  • Monday, Nov. 13, at Gretna UMC, 11457 S 204 St. Gretna NE

If you choose not to travel to a face-to-face training, you may complete the training online, by choosing one of the trainings below. Please complete this as soon as possible, and send a copy of your certificate to Regina Bergman at the above email address so that your information is updated. Here are the online options: