First UMC Blair, Nebraska youth internship

Proposed by Rebecca Hjelle, Reported by Gina Gile,
First UMC, Blair, Nebraska

Final Report Summary

Which of the 5 Culture of Call earmarks did you project include?
Personal exploration.

How did you use the funds?
We offered an Internship to a youth to explore her gifts, passions, and personality
type while serving in the church in the following way:

2017 Summer Internship at First UMC

June 3rd – 17th      New Way Singers Tour (NE Christian College)

June 20th               Start T-W-Th Office Hours (10am-2pm) 12/hr. Week
                               *Spiritual Gifts Assessment
                               *“Called” 21 Day Journal
                               *Worship Planning & Leadership
                               *Youth Music (Ann Thiemann)
                               *VBS Prep & Leadership (Debbie Foust)
                               *Kid Zone Sunday School (Debbie Foust)

June 25th               New Way Singers Report in Worship at 9:30am

July 2nd                 Kid Zone Sunday School Helper at 9:30am

July 9th – 13th       Vacation Bible School at First UMC (5:30-8:30pm)

July 16th                Worship Leader & Children’s Message

July 20th                Carter Place Bible Study at 10:30am

July 23rd                Kid Zone Sunday School Helper at 9:30am

July 30th                Preach for Worship at 9:30am (& Youth Choir for Sp. Music)

July 31st                Internship Evaluation & Next Steps with Pastor & SPRC Chair

$500 Stipend for 6 week Internship
$750 for Travel, Lodging, and Meals (New Way Singers Registration)
$250 for Books, Supplies, etc.

Will the project that you undertook be continued?  How?
We will identify other youth and adults that may benefit from such an internship.

How did this project cultivate a culture of call in your church or district?
Special Note: First UMC experienced a change of pastor shortly after internship began. Maggie continued to fulfill her responsibilities amid this change. She utilized her skills as a self-starter. She could articulate to the new pastor the purpose of the internship and the direction of the internship.

Cultivating: I spent time with Maggie once I arrived. We discussed discerning God’s voice and exploring her gifts. Maggie does not necessarily feel called to ordained ministry but feels called to serving in the church fully. She feels her gifts are in Children’s Ministry. She enjoys working with children and helping them grow in their faith. Maggie feels she can also use her musical gifts in the church. She is hoping to form a Youth choir. Maggie is also a gifted writer and enjoys preparing sermons and devotions.

Continued cultivating: We plan to continue to mentor Maggie by providing opportunities for her to serve in areas of the church. For instance, invite her to serve on a committee or team where she can utilize her gifts and participate fully. We will encourage her to be a mentor to younger disciples. We will continue to nurture her spirits and continue to provide community support as she continues to explore. Our plan is to continue to find ways for Maggie to serve fully in our church and beyond.

We will continue to cultivate a culture of call in our church by identifying those feeling
a call and then offering a tangible avenue to explore it like an internship.

Who was the primary audience of your project?

Is there anything else you would like for us to know about your project?
This is a great opportunity for young people.

View the internship budget, here.

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