Great west district exploring call retreat

Proposed by Kay Alnor and reported by Christy Baltzell.
Great West District, Nebraska

Final Report Summary

How did you use the funds?
Use of Camp Norwesca's facilities, meals at camp, mileage, and stipend for presenters.

Will the project that you undertook be continued?  How?
There will be a follow-up event done for those who attended this retreat.  We would also like to have a similar event in another location next year.

How did this project cultivate a culture of call in your church or district?
We reached out to those we knew were discerning the call. Of those attending, we have already had one individual submit his candidacy documentation and be approved at his church conference. Another attendee has decided to go on the CLM track and will be approved this week at her church conference.

Who was the primary audience of your project?

Is there anything else you would like for us to know about your project?
We encouraged attendance by any age and at any stage of their call. We had a mix of young adults, youth, adults, and retirees in attendance. We had hoped for a larger group but, in hind-sight, a smaller group model worked very well and we will aim for small-group scenarios for future events. The smaller setting seemed to give more comfort and confidence for people to be able to open up with questions and stories.

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