Horizons Community UMC mentoring


Reported by Derek Steinacher, derek@horizonschurch.org
Horizons Community UMC, Lincoln, Nebraska

Project Summary

Did the project go as expected?
Yes, if not better! Our student mentors at confirmation were amazing! Our students who have been interested in ministry have continued to explore the calling because of these regular gatherings.

How were people impacted though the project?
Students were loved, grew in their calling, and were baptized. Mentors grew through serving. Our pastors and staff grew through teaching what we do in a new way.

How did you tell the story of your project?
Confirmation Sunday was a huge celebration and shared of the mentors, including them going on stage to help baptize their confirmation students!

Our "Future Pastors" story has been shared in church mailers, on stage 2 times on Sundays for sharing, and on social media!

Which of the 5 earmarks of Culture of Call did this project address? How?

  • Discernment events/experiences - The Hillsong concert, as well as the Future Pastors day provided set experiences to explore God's voice in our life.
  • Personal exploration - Our confirmation students completed spiritual gifts assessments and were affirmed! We haven't started this, but a next step with our Future Pastors is to take a "I Said This You Heart That" study.
  • Mentoring - This was big in our confirmation experience. Each confirmation student had a high schooler and adult pouring into them during confirmation!
  • Spiritual nurture - Our regular ministries at Horizons as well as the worship experiences we created through the Hillsong concert!
  • Community expression of supporting individual calls - this happened two Sundays on stage, and through individuals in the church affirming gifts of our students!
What could you share about this project with others?
We would love to see other churches have high school mentors work with confirmation students! Sometimes is doesn't click, but sometimes the relationships click far beyond what we expected! Students going to sporting events for their students, showing love, and sharing wisdom from their walks with Christ.

We would love to see other churches take time for those interested in ministry to do life with Pastors/Staff. We love teaching them sermon prep, showing them offices, preaching along side them, and even just learning about each other over lunches!

You can contact Derek via e-mail: derek@horizonschurch.org