Santa Fe Trail parish youth confirmation and retreat


Report submitted by:
Rev. Brenda Davids
Council Grove/Dunlap UMC
Actual Expenses against $1000 grant from the Great Plains Conference
Cleaning buckets                               $550
Meals                                                    $250
Cabin rental at Camp Chippewa    $300
Transportation and insurance         $150
Total                                                   $1250
Thank you for allowing us to extend the time it took for us to have this confirmation retreat at Camp Chippewa.  We had such a great time together at Camp Chippewa learning about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and starting to find our own faith walks.
The most humbling and affirming portion was the closing worship with communion when one unchurched youth on this retreat stated “I didn’t think I believed in God.  I do now.  I want to know more.”
I’m attaching to this e-mail by detailed retreat curriculum.  I used many sources to compile this curriculum.  We also decided to add a mission experience to this retreat.  The youth were charged with shopping for all the items needed in the cleaning buckets and then putting the buckets together.  If you have ever made one of these cleaning buckets, you may have experienced that the items have to fit “just so” in the 5 gallon bucket.  I delivered the cleaning buckets we made to Grand Island, Nebraska the next weekend for the flooded areas in Nebraska in spring 2019.       
Thank you again for the grant!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.
Rev. Brenda Davids