Sedan UMC offers music classes for kids and youth


Reported by Suelki Choi,
Sedan UMC, Sedan, KS

Project Summary

Did your project go as expected?
Yes, we finished the project successfully in Spring and Fall 2019. Even though our project suspended last spring 2020 due to concerns of COVID19, we resumed it in Fall 2020 and it is progressing favorably.

Which of the 5 earmarks of Culture of Call did this project address? How?
  • Discernment events/experiences - No
  • Personal exploration - Yes
  • Mentoring - No
  • Spiritual nurture - Yes
  • Community expression of supporting individual calls - No
The project pursues "personal exploration." Our goal is to nurture children as disciples of Jesus, who can share the love of God with other people through their talents. Through the project, we guide children on exploring their vision, talents and help them to find what passion they have toward the world.
The project also focuses on "spiritual nurture." Pastor and I offer the Bible lessons before snack time. It is a simple lesson, but we try to teach children why we do this project and why they are here. It is important to ask children why they 'do' this. I expect that children grow up spiritually in this project to think of themselves as precious and can practice the love which God gives to all.

Will the project that you undertook be continued? How?
Actually, we have been doing the project since January 2019. This semester is the 4th term for the project. Members of the church and I have plans to continue to do the project every Fall and Spring term. Most of the children who attended intend to return, so I would like to focus on returning students and parents and inviting new children to our project through school. I already have been in touch with the director of an after school program and the music teacher at Sedan elementary school to invite more children to the church project.

How did this project cultivate a culture of call in your church or district?
Church members, Pastor, and I have been doing our best to nurture children spiritually. Significantly, according to "John Wesley's Christian perfection," we try to show children how to live as a disciple of Jesus through bible study and classes. Through the Bible study, we help them understand that God loves them and discern what God wants them to do. With various classes (Piano, Guitar, Dance, Cooking, and School Band), children experience how incredible their talents are. They get to know that their talent is not formed by themselves, but from God through the teacher's lessons. Teachers guide them to explore God's love and to develop their spirituality and be ready to go further in the world with God's love. Moreover, we encourage them to find what they can do for other people and the community as a disciple of Jesus.
We have already had performances three times last year to raise funds for the community food bank. Children shared their love through their talent and showed people what children can do for the community!

How were people impacted through the project?
Many people in the community came to know what Sedan UMC does for children. They enjoyed our concert last year, and most of them donated money for the fundraiser. I think it is just a starting point, also the turning point. People would know how we want to share God's love with people. And they would start to join us for sharing God's love!

How did you tell the story of your project?
Our story of the project is about how much our students have grown spiritually in the body of Christ. I think the concerts for the fundraiser are the best way of telling our story. We held concerts in May and December. Many people came to the church to see the concerts and enjoy beautiful sounds together.

What could you share about this project with others?
The goal of the project is to nurture children as a disciple of Jesus, who can share the love of God with people. I talked about the project with church members, school teachers, and parents. I have made the flyer (attached). I also sent emails to school teachers about the project, and I sent mail/text to parents.