Stull UMC music internship


Reported by Mary Shultz, Worship Team Representative
Stull United Methodist Church, Lecompton, KS

Project Summary

How did you use the funds?
We used the monies for the services of Emily Elliott as our worship leader. She was paid a stipend for the months of August, September, October, November and December 2020.

Did your project go as expected?
Yes, and it went beyond initial expectations!

Which of the 5 earmarks of Culture of Call did this project address? How?
  • Discernment events/experiences - Emily has shown us how she identifies God's voice in her life by preaching her life story to us on September 27 when she filled the pulpit and ran the worship service during Pastor Marshall's vacation.
  • Personal exploration - Emily has shown the congregation her many gifts and passions during her internship. She has taught us to sing from the Psalms. She brought different percussion accompaniments, i.e. drums and shakers to be used during singing of our worship songs. Her daughter & friend joined us during worship, each playing a different instrument.
  • Mentoring - Emily has worked closely with Pastor Marshall and the Worship Team to prepare music for worship. There have been regularly scheduled practices both during the week and prior to service on Sunday. She has encouraged the newest 13 year-old member of the Worship Team in her singing and use of her musical talents.
  • Spiritual nurture - Emily's faith is obvious after just a few moments with her. She is able to tie her experiences to what she reads in the Bible, or to her faith which she is always willing to discuss. She has encouraged not only the Worship Team but also the congregation to not be afraid to explore their talents and to challenge their faith while using those talents.
  • Community expression of supporting individual calls - Emily worked closely with new volunteer musicians who joined our Worship Team at the same time. They collaborated together during rehearsals.
Will the project that you undertook be continued? How?
We have been so blessed by the award of these grant monies as Emily accepted employment as our full-time worship coordinator beginning January, 2021.

How were people impacted through the project?
Emily's ability to share her faith and her love of God with anyone in the congregation has left a memorable impression on the congregation. She worked closely with new volunteer musicians who joined our Worship Team at the same time. They collaborated together during rehearsals and she was never afraid to encourage them to bring their own styles to the performance of the worship music.

How did you tell the story of your project?
We introduced Emily to our in-person congregation as the recipient of the Grant and to the viewers on Facebook Live during worship services. She agreed to fill in for Pastor Marshall for 2 Sundays while he was on vacation, which allowed the congregation and on-line viewers to know of her. When COVID-19 created an unplanned absence of Pastor Marshall, she was willing to step up and not only assist but lead us in worship.