Valentine UMC sermon series and monthly brunch

Proposed and reported by Will Deeds
Valentine UMC, Valentine, Nebraska

Final Report Survey

Which of the 5 Culture of Call earmarks did your project include?
Discernment events/experiences
Spiritual Nurture
Community Expression of supporting individual calls

How did you use the funds?
We used the funds to purchase 3 catered meals for our congregation.  During these meals we had more in depth discussion about the topics discussed in our 12-week sermon series.

Will the project that you undertook be continued?  How?
We are in prayer and discussion about how we might continue to do this in the future.  One step we have taken from this series is we started 4 new small groups in our church that are meeting this winter/spring.  These small groups will further develop the sense of calling God has on our lives.

How did this project cultivate a culture of call in your church or district?
The central theme of our 12-week sermon series centered around 12 talks derived from ideas found in the Walk to Emmaus Curriculum.  One of the main themes focused on was the Priesthood of all believers.  We gave opportunity for lay people to speak during services and give video testimonies throughout the series.

Who was the primary audience of your project? 

Congregation members response to the 12-week sermon series and meals:

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