Charge Conference Resources

*Please note: Charge Conference forms are being updated and will be available after August 20.


FILL-IN PDF INSTRUCTIONS: Save a copy of the PDF forms to your computer first. Right click and choose "Save target as..." or "Save link as..." to save the document before opening. Then open with Adobe Reader to complete. Forms opened in a web browser window may not show the fill-in fields. Forms completed in browser windows cannot be saved. View information on how to fill-in PDF forms using the free Adobe Reader application.

If you are able to complete the forms in your browser,  you can save the forms by using a PDF application. Instructions are posted below.

Charge Conference - Common materials

Note: The following forms are prepared for use in 2017. Please check with your district office about what is specifically required in your area.

  • Basic Information (Word)
  • Form 1 – Vision and Goals/Outcomes (Word) (PDF)
    • Vision and Goals Process (Word)
    • Outcomes Process (Word)
  • Form 2 – Care of Members and Assets (Word) (PDF)
    • Investments Template (Word) (PDF)
    • GPC Parsonage Review Report (Word) (PDF)
  • Form 3 - Clergy/Minister Support Worksheet
    Note: Choose the form for your setting; please read and follow the instructions! Some districts are requesting submission of questionnaire instead of form/worksheet; please check with your district office. Info about determining the compensation is available in the pastoral support document.
    • Pastoral Support Information (Word)
    • 3a - Clergy Support Worksheet with Health Insurance Allowance (Excel)
    • 3b - Clergy Support Worksheet for Church Health Plan over 50 Employees (Excel)
    • 3c - Clergy Support Worksheet for Church Health Plan under 50 Employees (Excel)
      Note: This form is for churches with 50 or fewer employees who have placed their pastor on a local church-sponsored section 125 health plan.
    • 3d – CLM and DSA Support Worksheet (Excel)
  • Form 4 – Laity Contact Information (Word) (PDF)
  • Form 5 – Clergy Relating to Charge Conference (Word) (PDF)
  • Lay Servant Ministry Annual Reports
  • Lay Servant Ministry checklists
    • Certified Lay Servant Certification Renewal Checklist (Word) (PDF)
    • Certified Lay Speaker Process Checklist (Word) (PDF)
    • Certified Lay Minister Process Checklist (Word) (PDF)

Local church policy for the Protection of Children, Youth and Adults from Vulnerable Populations

Every church is asked to review and update its Local Church Policy for the Protection of Children, Youth and Adults from Vulnerable Populations due to changes in definitions/wordings that were approved at the annual conference session in June 2017. The template (boiler plate) for the policy can be found at the top of the Safe Gatherings Resources page.

Changes to your local church policy require approval by the church council (or equivalent body) or the charge conference. Please submit the updated/approved policy to the district office.

Housing resolution resources

Note: The form will be generated with the compensation worksheet by the district office. If you make changes to housing (exclusion, allowance, etc.) during year, contact the district office to generate a new form.

Accountable reimbursement policy resources

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) has prepared a tax packet containing Q&As and forms for several items, including accountable reimbursement policies and mileage/local transportation expenses. These documents may answer many of your questions.

Below are two direct links to forms in the tax packet.

Vital Signs Dashboard: To look at statistics on the Vital Signs Dashboard, go to your reports page. To select your start date, use the calendar to scroll back to January. Click on Jan. 1 to choose that date. To choose your end date, use the calendar to scroll back to December of the same year and click on Dec. 31. Note: entering the date manually will not work. You must click on the date in the calendar.


File Saving Work-around: To save your completed file, you need to download a PDF application that allows you save or print your document as a PDF. For this, we recommend Nitro PDF Reader. Go to to download the free application.

To download the free application, you must enter your first and last name and email address. Nitro is a reputable software vendor and they will not use your email address to send you spam.

Once you enter your information, click the “Download Reader” button and then click the link “Download Nitro Reader (32 bit)” unless you know for certain you need a different version.

When the download is complete, launch the installation where your Internet browser saved it, and go through the installation prompts.

Once installed, open the PDF document with Nitro PDF Reader, make your changes, and click File Save As.

Nitro PDF Reader also installs a Nitro PDF Printer which allows you to save other document types as PDF documents. To use the PDF printer, click "print" from any document, select the Nitro PDF printer, click print and go through the prompts to save the PDF document. You will be able to give your document a name and choose the location to save the document at the time you print. No paper copy will come out of your desktop printer when you choose this option. You will need to switch back to your regular printer to make a print-out (on paper) of your form.


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