How do I choose a spiritual director?


We have some suggestions of spiritual directors who have been recommended by someone from within the Great Plains UMC, and you could start there! It’s important to meet with a spiritual director that you feel comfortable with and can walk alongside you in spiritual conversation. Perhaps, start with a commitment to meet for several months before you decide if you want to continue meeting beyond that.


What can I expect during my meeting time?

That’s a good question to ask a director with whom you’re meeting! Each director will approach each directing relationship differently, but you can expect to meet with someone who is trained and experienced in accompanying others in spiritual conversation and experiences. Your session may include spiritual practices, contemplation, or conversation.


How much does it cost to meet with a spiritual director?

The cost is determined between the director and the directee. Some directors have a set fee and others leave it open for the directee to set.


What kind of training do spiritual directors have?

The training programs vary, but all programs will include coursework and supervision during a period of time, often with ongoing continuing education. It’s fair to assume that your spiritual director meets with his or her own spiritual director or supervisor.