Stilwell UMC seeking children's ministry director


There is an expectation that an integral part of children’s ministry is developing people to serve in ministry together and to provide consistent outreach to the community. The children’s ministry director is responsible for actively engaging children (birth – 5th grade) in discovering Jesus Christ and facilitating a personal relationship with Him through faith-enriching ministry rooted in compassion, hospitality, education and worship.


  • Early childhood education/elementary education certification and/or experience preferred
  • Successful completion of Safe Gatherings certification (cost paid by SUMC)
  • Methodist background preferred
  • Strong personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Passion for children and their spiritual growth
  • Strong managerial/leadership skills
  • Ability to respond quickly and positively to change
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work closely with other staff members
Work Schedule
  • 20 hours per week
  • Attend staff meetings (generally monthly)
  • Attend weekly church service and prepare and deliver children’s message as part of the service
  • Plan and execute weekly Kids’ Connection events on Wednesday evenings
  • Plan and execute annual Vacation Bible School
  • Plan, with parents, an annual children’s mission project
  • Communicate via email, text and in person with parents
  • Work with music staff on children’s music programs throughout the year
  • Attend all major church/community events
  • Meet at least quarterly with the Children’s Council; communicate frequently
  • Work with the local elementary schools as allowed by the principals
  • Network with other churches' children’s ministry staff
  • Attend continuing education classes as appropriate
​Evaluation Criteria
    • 1.1 Demonstrates respect for all people with whom you interact, as it relates to SUMC
    • 2.1 Flexible to change and needs of the church
    • 2.2 Strong communication skills, both oral and written
    • 2.3 Strong relationship development and management with parents, including selfless availability to both children and parents
    • 2.4 Timely & thorough responses to inquiries
    • 2.5 Flexibility of work hours to be available as needed
    • 2.6 Open to guidance & direction
    • 3.1 Development and expansion of children’s program
    • 3.2 Planning and execution of children’s outreach programs
    • 3.3 Successful development and delivery of weekly message & weekly lessons with content appropriate for each age group
    • 3.4 Engage and nurture volunteers; with the ability to delegate
    • 3.5 Assurance of a safe and friendly environment for the children
    • 3.6 Provide opportunities for parents to learn and engage in their children’s spiritual development
The children’s ministry director reports to the Staff Parish Committee directly through the pastor.

This is a salaried position and has an annual salary range between $16,000 and $20,000 per year, based upon experience.

Contact: SPRC

Address: 19335 Metcalf Avenue Stilwell KS 66085

Phone: 913-897-2101