Clergy and Laity Profiles


 The annual conference members will elect seven clergy and seven lay delegates to the 2020 General Conference in Minneapolis. An additional seven clergy and seven lay delegates will be elected to the 2020 Jurisdictional Conference in Houston. These 14 people serve as alternates to the General Conference. An additional three clergy and three lay alternates will be elected for the Jurisdictional Conference, for a total of 34 people.



Only full elders and deacons are eligible to serve as delegates, so only full elders and deacons — active and retired — have been assigned a four-digit code that will be used during the election process via electronic voting machines. Download the list of clergy and their numbers here.

Clergy also have their four-digit code under their photos on their profiles below.

Stephanie Ahlschwede Ashlee Alley Crawford Zach Anderson
Eduardo Bousson James Brackett Michelle Byerly
Kalaba Chali Jeff Clinger Andrew Conard
Kurt Cooper Junius Dotson Christopher Eshelman
Natalie Faust Neil Gately Bill Gepford
Gina Gile Jeff Goetzinger Douglas Griger
Adam Hamilton Andy Hargrove Mark Holland
Cheryl Jefferson Bell Anne Kiome Gatobu Brad Kirk
Karen Lampe Amy Lippoldt David Livingston
Micki McCorkle Kennedy Mukwindidza Karen Nyhart
Ashley Prescott
Richard Randolph Kyle Reynolds
Mike Rose Nathan D. Stanton April Wegehaupt
Dee Williamston   Submitted clergy profiles
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Members of the laity who submitted a profile have been issued a three-digit code for voting purposes. More laity may be added to the electronic voting process after an initial write-in ballot during the annual conference session. Download the list of laity who submitted a profile and their numbers here.

Bob Aderholt Steve Baccus Maddi Baugous
Scott Brewer Dixie Brewster Mary Brooks
Lisa Buffum Melissa Byerly Ally Drummond
Karen Dunlap Dan Entwistle Charles File
Bryce Fuhrmann Wes Gately Oliver Green
Grace Griffith Nicole Guthrie Hannah Haggard
Kailie Hamilton Bryan Hankins Bethany Harris
Esther Hay Kayla Houck Randall Hodgkinson
Spenser Johnson Joyce Jones Shayla Jordan
Armin Kelley Abigail Koech Roy Koech
Joy Lenz Jesi Lipp Lisa Maupin
James Megrail Chris Nord Keith Olsen
Maria Penrod Gregory Reffner William Riek
Abraham Ruffcorn Bill Sedgwick Elvin Siebert
Sandy Simmons Joyce Solomon

Angela Thornton-Millard

Submitted laity profiles
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