Clergy Resources

How to respond to a call to ministry

Do you feel like God may be calling you to ministry — or at least to go deeper in your faith? It may be helpful to know about some others who experienced a call to ministry. Find out our on the Exploring Call pages.



Youth ministry

Process Communication Model (PCM)

Clergy general

Spiritual health of the pastor


Young adults

Worship design

Connectional Giving Handbook

Clergy Taxes

  • Clergy tax packet
  • Clergy & church tax guide
  • Understanding clergy compensation and taxes video

Clergy Benefits

  • Financial planning
  • Optional life Insurance
  • Pension
  • Health benefits

Sample Policies

  • Accountable reimbursement
  • Facility use agreements
  • Sexual ethics
  • Local church media crisis plan template
  • Local church disaster response
  • Child protection

Finance and Giving

  • Calculator
  • Mission agency support
  • Conference Advance
  • General Advance and Special Sundays
  • Why we apportion
  • Stewardship resources
  • Mission share letters & formula explanation
  • Kansas Area Foundation
  • Nebraska Foundation

Year-end Reports

  • Stats: table entry, instructions, FAQ, tutorial and forms
  • Fund balance report with instructions

Charge Conference Resources

  • Vision and Goals
  • Members and Assets
  • Lay contact information
  • Other forms