Peer Coaching

Have you ever thought it would be good to have a clergy colleague listen deeply to you as you reflect on your current work of ministry?

What about those times you have a passion and dream for something you want to do in your local church ministry; wouldn’t it be great to have an encourager help you create a ministry strategy?

Returning home from a Continuing Ed event with fresh ideas — could you benefit from a process that helps turn ideas into actions?

When you are overwhelmed with all the demands of ministry, wouldn’t it be great to have someone on call to talk you through to your priorities?

If you’ve answered yes, then peer coaching may be beneficial to you. This new ministry of our Great Plains Conference clergy excellence team is created to support and assist you in practical ways to focus, strategize and unlock your deepest potentials in ministry. Coaching is not supervision, not mentoring and not consulting. The coaching process includes deep listening, powerful questions, reframing and expanding possibilities and action planning through a peer colleague trained in coaching. You drive the agenda. The coach, committed to the beliefs that we all are creative, resourceful and whole walks alongside you with a supportive voice and encouraging relationship.  The sessions are confidential.

Coaching sessions can be scheduled for one hour per month and, if beneficial, move toward 30 minutes twice a month. The sessions can be conducted in person, by video call or by phone. Currently a diverse group of 15 clergy from our Great Plains Conference are trained as peer coaches and are at work with clergy of all ages and locations throughout the conference. You can find short biographies of all the coaches at the link below, and may call one or more to determine who might be the best fit for you.

If you are interested in joining this movement and taking advantage of this opportunity contact the Rev. Ashlee Alley Crawford at