Giving & Resources

Income for the Great Plains United Methodist Conference is generated from Mission Shares; Mission Agency Support*; designated funds for campus ministry Hispanic ministry, new church start and urban ministries; the Episcopal Fund; and a transfer from the over-funded deposit accounts held at the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits.

Mission Share Formula — The funding plan is based on the Biblical tithe. The Mission Share (apportionment) formula is based upon 10 percent of each church’s total operating income, which was found on line 52t of Table 3 of the local church’s annual statistical report to the annual conference and published in the Conference Journal. Find your church to view your mission share letter.

*Mission Agency Support — Each Great Plains Conference church also will be asked to contribute 1 percent toward Mission Agency Support. The Council on Finance and Administration will formalize the Mission Agency Support recipients each year. This amount is allocated in addition to the Mission Share Formula.

Agencies included in this category include but are not limited to some of our Wesleyan institutions, The Big Garden Project in Omaha, United Methodist Open Door in Wichita, and Wesley House in Pittsburg, Kan. Churches are encouraged to approach their giving as a tithe + 1, ensuring that the bulk of our community and institutional ministries continue undaunted.

Where it Goes ...

The new Great Plains Conference Funding Plan is broken into five sections to accommodate our missional priorities and to start fresh with the setting of accounts and the adoption of best administrative processes and practices. In addition to these five main sections, there is a small fund for missional opportunities included in the budget that will allow us the flexibility to address emerging needs at the time they arise.

Episcopal Office — This section accounts for the expenses of episcopacy committee functions and the episcopal residence. Expenses for cabinet and district personnel and operations also is found in this section.

Clergy Excellence — This section accounts for the personnel, program and operational expenses for Clergy Excellence and includes the Board of Ordained Ministry, Transition into Ministry, Administrative Review and Investigation for Diaconal Ministry.

Congregational Excellence — The core of our work with congregations is accounted for in this section. It includes lay leadership development, campus, camp and youth ministries, our work with under-served populations and new church starts. Office, personnel and program expenses also are included.

Mercy and Justice — Personnel and operational expenses for this section enable the conference to attend to acts mercy through Volunteers in Mission and disaster recovery as well as boldly step out on systemic justice issues and local ethnic concerns.

Administrative Services — Personnel, program and operational costs for information technology, communications, the accounting offices, pension and health benefits and annual conference session expenses reside in this section of the Funding Plan.

View the Mission Share calculator to better understand where your church's dollars are used to support the mission and ministry of the conference. Find information on conference advance givings, General Advance and Special Sundays and why we apportion.

Visit the Kansas Methodist Foundation and the Nebraska United Methodist Foundation websites for additional finance options.