Connectional Giving Stewardship

Sharing God's gifts

Through the conference mission shares, the Great Plains Conference pays its General Church Apportionments. Connectional giving is built upon our desire to meet the needs of God's family in our neighborhoods and around the world and our need to give in order to be spiritually healthy, complete children of God.

Video clips, interpretive resources and downloadable graphics for each of the funds are available on the UMC Giving website.


Why we apportion

The United Methodist Church uses a funding system in which each local church pays a portion of the cost of funding the denomination's ministries at the conference, national and international levels. The system is called "apportionment" because each church pays a portion. To learn more about the apportionment system, read Why We Apportion.


“Turning Connectional Living into Connectional Giving” (CG101)

United Methodist Communications (UMCom) offers a free, basic online course that explores how to turn our connectional living as United Methodists into connectional giving that supports the shared ministry and mission of The United Methodist Church. It is a four-part journey through why we give, the connectional nature of the church, the Apportioned and Designated funds of the church, and how you can make a difference in the world.