Death and Disability - CPP

The Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP) provides death, long-term disability and other survivor benefits for clergy and their families. The plan is administered by the General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of the United Methodist Church.


Eligible clergy include bishops, full, probationary or associate members (including deacons), full-time local pastors appointed to a United Methodist Church who are receiving at least 60% of the Conference Average Compensation (CAC). The Great Plains Conference CAC for 2014 is $59,754. Full, probationary and associate members who are appointed three-quarter and half-time are also eligible to participate. Participation is mandatory in the Great Plains Conference.

Clergy members of other denominations who are under full-time appointment to a United Methodist Church and are not participating in a similar plan in their own denomination are eligible to participate if they receive 60% of the CAC.

Certified Lay Ministers (CLM), District Superintendent Assignments (DSA), and part-time and student local pastors are not eligible.

Death Benefits

Benefits are payable upon the death of an active or retired participant, his or her spouse or surviving spouse, and his or her children under age 19. Supplemental benefits for surviving spouses may be available upon the death of an active participant. Educational benefits for surviving children may be available upon the death of an active or retired participant. See the Schedule for benefit amounts.

Disability Benefits

If the General Board or its claims administrator determines on the basis of medical evidence that a participating clergy member is disabled and cannot perform the usual and customary duties of a United Methodist clergyperson, that person is eligible for disability benefits. The benefit equals 70 percent of plan compensation for the plan year in which the first payment is effective. The disability benefit is reduced by Social Security benefits.

Participants on disability continue to accrue CRSP DC and CRSP DB benefits and continue eligibility for death benefits. The cost of these plans and participation in the Conference health insurance plan for the participant and his/her family is paid by the Great Plains Conference.


For full-time clergy, churches are billed 3% of plan compensation not to exceed 200% of the Denominational Average Compensation (DAC) which is $65,186 in 2014. Churches served by three-quarter and half-time clergy are billed at 3.4 percent of the DAC.

CPP Benefit Amounts