Creating an Atmosphere of Prayer

Entering the Field

  • Prepare your surroundings. Find a quiet place with no distractions. 
  • Prepare your heart and mind, center your thoughts on listening to God.
  • Pray Psalm 23. Don't just read it — spend time praying the words.
  • Pray the prayer of the things that have come to mind and heart during this time.

Sowing the Seed

  • Take a walk through your home, praying in each room for the experiences that your family has in that particular place.
  • Take a prayer walk around your home, praying for protection and safety in that structure.
  • Join others from your church, participate in a prayer walk around your place of worship and study. Pray for the outpouring of God’s Spirit and discernment for all who enter the building.
  • Gather a map of Kansas and Nebraska. Open them flat and do a prayer walk with your hands. As you move your hands over the map, pray for those areas and our United Methodist churches for an outpouring of God’s spirit and discernment.
  • Spend one day a week praying for your place of worship. Pray your mission and vision, asking God to show you ways to help make disciples of Jesus Christ.

Praying on the Plains Together

  • Join with others from your place of worship to write prayers for worship.
  • Set your smart phone and/or other alarms for 2:23 p.m. each day to pause to pray for the upcoming Special General Conference beginning on February 23, 2019. Pray for all the delegates, and pray for the Spirit’s discernment and what will be best for making disciples of Jesus Christ and growing the Kingdom of God.


Holy Spirit, we welcome You here in the very moment of our lives.

Help us to be one with You, and one with each other.

Show us opportunities to share Your grace. Provide Your words for us to speak.

In this very moment, You are mine, and I am Yours. Amen