Creation Care Team

The Creation Care Team is a group of laity and clergy representing Nebraska and Kansas under the Mercy and Justice Team. Members of the team are rural and urban, male and female and all have a desire to serve God by caring for God's creation.

Presently the team consists of:

  • Tom Genung — Hastings, Nebraska
  • Eileen Sieger — Marion, Kansas
  • Rev. Carol Windrum — Omaha, Nebraska
  • Rev. John Martin — Rose Hill, Kansas
  • Lynne Hunter — Winfield, Kansas

The mission of the Creation Care Team is "to provide resources to congregations, to encourage actions to care for God’s creation and to advocate for policies which reduce the negative effects of human activity on creation.”


Get involved with church creation care:


Here are just a few resources that may help you and your congregation ground yourselves in prayer, encourage learning more and inspire you to take action: