Culture of Call Resources

Washburn Campus Ministry Calling Cohort

United Methodist Campus Ministry at Washburn University paired students with mentors who met 1-on-1 and as a group, focusing on personal and theological reflection. Participants were introduced to the Enneagram to better understand their personality and gifts in connection with living into God's call. The meetings were affected by COVID-19.

NWU Campus Ministry nurtures students' calls to servant leadership

Nebraska Wesleyan University expands mentoring and leadership opportunities for students to nurture and explore the call to servant leadership.

Lawrence First UMC Spiritual Training and Mentor Program

Lawrence First UMC offered an internship to empower a young woman to explore her call while mentoring young adults as they discover their own spiritual gifts.

Horizons Community UMC mentoring

Horizons Community UMC in Lincoln creates mentoring relationships between church staff and kids/youth who have felt called to ministry.