Great Plains Daily Devotional for 3/21/2019

Today please be in prayer for

Dayna Hauschild
School Counselor
USD 259 - Linwood Elementary School
Wichita East District
Matthew Sigler
Assistant Professor
Seattle Pacific University
Wichita East District
Ben Hanne
Campus Minister
Southwestern College
Wichita East District
Wendy Mohler-Seib
Director - Institute for Discipleship
Southwestern College
Wichita East District

Today's Lectionary Text

Psalm 63:7-8 

for you have been my help,
    and in the shadow of your wings I sing for joy.
My soul clings to you;
    your right hand upholds me.


Today's Devotional

David had been “under the wing” of his mentor King Saul, then suddenly found himself booted out of the nest and fleeing for his life into the wilderness. Yet God found him even there, rescued him and took him into God’s own nest.
  The side of my refrigerator is covered by a home-crafted banner showing a tiny chick hiding under a dove’s wing, singing a musical bar, with those words “In the shadow of your wings I sing for joy.” I’ve needed a refuge at several times in my own life.
  From the nest of loving parents, I ended up in danger in college from an abusive marriage. I found the joy in being a single mother, God kept sending me refuges. A caring landlady in a cheap boarding house, a church in California that befriended a bewildered Kansas girl. A totally unexpected job offer that turned into a career.
  I’ve learned to look around when things look bleak. Illness? God sent the one doctor who knew exactly what was wrong. Loneliness? Another lonely person who became a best friend. For each angel that helped me over the years, I give thanks. Yet each change in my life has eventually ended and led to another change. You know the old quote, “When one door closes, another opens.” It’s true, though not always immediately recognizable.
  Think about the twists and turns of your own life. Who was there when you needed them? I have learned there is always someone there.
Sometimes it took a while to recognize new angels and accept the new opportunities. It took me even longer to accept that there was always a Someone who was sending these angel helpers. Human nests end, but there is a permanence underneath, that never quits.
  Which is why I feel like singing. These days the old familiar favorites attract me. From “How Firm a Foundation:” “Fear not, I am with thee.” As you look out from your nest, whatever God has provided, what song would you sing to God?

       -Jean Wilcox
       Concordia First United Methodist Church
       Concordia, Kansas

Prayer for Reflection

God, keep me ever under your wing, and remind me to look around for angels. Amen.


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