Great Plains Daily Devotional for 8/18/2019

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Today's Lectionary Text

Romans 3:23 

since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God;

Today's Devotional

In nearly 40 years of legal driving (not counting treks on the farm or rarely traveled country roads), I believe I’ve had six or seven speeding tickets.
That’s way more than some people, far fewer than others. It hasn’t caused my insurance to go up, thank God, but always provides a sobering lesson – accompanied by a hit to the wallet.

Those tickets have come in four different states – Kansas (where I’ve had the most), Nebraska (the most recent, in 2010), Colorado and Indiana. Two of those tickets, including one a few miles west of the Kansas-Colorado border on U.S. Highway 36, have been preceded about five minutes earlier by my wife admonishing, “Can’t you go any faster?!?”

Indiana, where I got stopped with just my infant daughter sleeping in the back seat, offered an intriguing proposition when the ticket came in the mail. For a certain percentage of the fine for the violation, and not having any other tickets for X-number of years, my record would be expunged. I took the offer.

Speeding – follow me now – is like sinning. We all do it. Some of us do it to a greater extent than others, but we’re all guilty. I try to lock in my cruise control at 5 mph over the speed limit on the Kansas Turnpike or interstates, and my jaw drops at cars whizzing around me like I’m standing still.

We try to justify our speeding. We use little rhymes like “Nine is fine, but 10 you’re mine” to rationalize our flagrant breaking of the law.
But, just as the good people of the Indiana State Police did for me 20-some years ago, Jesus scrubs our record clean. Our lengthy list of sins is written off by the one who sacrificed everything.
-David Burke
Communications content specialist


Prayer for Reflection

Dear Jesus, as we daily take the wheel navigating the road of life, we remember than you are our ultimate guide. Amen.


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