Great Plains Daily Devotional for 8/25/2019

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Today's Lectionary Text

Luke 8:22-25 

One day Jesus and his disciples boarded a boat. He said to them, “Let’s cross over to the other side of the lake.” So they set sail.

While they were sailing, he fell asleep. Gale-force winds swept down on the lake. The boat was filling up with water and they were in danger. So they went and woke Jesus, shouting, “Master, Master, we’re going to drown!” But he got up and gave orders to the wind and the violent waves. The storm died down and it was calm.

He said to his disciples, “Where is your faith?”

Filled with awe and wonder, they said to each other, “Who is this? He commands even the winds and the water, and they obey him!”

Today's Devotional

When I was a small child I was terrified of tornadoes. Whenever there were alerts or warnings, I would start to worry. I would go out looking for my younger brother around the neighborhood so he would come home where we’d both be safe. Eventually, I outgrew those fears – to the point where I have been known to stand in the yard watching a tornado drop out of the skies just because I am fascinated by the awesome power of these storms!

Looking back, I know that my fear stemmed from my lack of faith. It wasn’t that I didn’t know about Jesus, or about God being able to keep my family safe from the storm. But my faith was in its infancy. I had to grow up and mature in faith before I could fully understand that I could trust God to calm both the storms and my fears.

Not that I am devoid of fear, mind you! Last weekend I found myself facing a new terror as I felt the earth move – right under my house – as Hutchinson was rocked by a 4.2 earthquake. While there have been many smaller earthquakes in the area over the last decade, I had never actually felt one. But I felt that one – and a few of the aftershocks, as well!

My immediate reaction to the first quake, as an explosive crack and rumble were followed by a violent roll of the earth under my house, was panic and fear. Then, as my mind caught up with my racing heart, I knew what was happening and I heard the words, “Be still and know that I am God.” It took a while for my nervous system to relax, but my faith had come to my rescue, offering reassurance in the face of fear.
When Jesus calmed the storm for the disciples, he rescued them – not only from the actual storm, but also from their terror of things beyond their control. Too often, we give in to things beyond our control and allow fear to rule our hearts instead of allowing our faith to reassure us that – no matter what happens – God is with us and will not leave us. The disciples’ fear was replaced by awe. Faith and awe of the power of Jesus in our lives can carry us beyond fear.
--Rev. Robbie Fall, retired Elder

Prayer for Reflection

O God, who calms the storm and holds us fast, keep me ever mindful that you sent Jesus to teach us that all we really need is faith to get beyond the things over which we have no personal control. Amen.

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