Great Plains Daily Devotional for 8/26/2019

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Dena Allison
Elk Falls UMC
Grenola UMC
Longton UMC
Moline UMC
Parsons District
Mark Demas
Erie Federated Church
Galesburg UMC
St. Paul, KS UMC
Parsons District
Susan Galvan
Fall River UMC
New Albany UMC
Severy UMC
Parsons District
Alice Purvis
Fredonia: First UMC
Parsons District

Today's Lectionary Text

Psalm 37:28 

For the Lord loves justice;
    he will not forsake his faithful ones.

The righteous shall be kept safe forever,
    but the children of the wicked shall be cut off.

Today's Devotional

My first Summer in America has been quite an experience. I left Emporia hoping to enjoy it to the fullest, which I feel I have.

However, one of the biggest interesting twists that happened was a flight delay from Kansas City and its eventual cancelling, that caused me to stay a weekend longer in KC than I had planned. After spending a whole Friday at the airport, my flight for 9 a.m. was finally cancelled at about 7 p.m. due to first extreme weather, then later a lack of legal pilots to fly us to Texas, where I would have caught another flight to Seattle. The earliest rebooking possible was for the following Tuesday, which I found worth it in the end.

On that weekend, I joined faithful at All Nations Bible Church for a Sunday service that shaped my spiritual identity this summer.

Pastor Kung’u preached on the theme of "Spiritual Siege" that I found to be really exciting and revealing. My main take away was on how the enemy wins wars against faithful. Sometimes it is through an apparent attack such as sickness, accidents and such. However, the enemy knows that we are always on the lookout for these “common” attacks, and we get back armed with prayer for one another, and we eventually overcome him with the unity in fellowships and prayers during services.

The second type of attack that the enemy lodges against faithful surprised me -- he puts them under siege!

Siege used by our spiritual enemy is done by him surrounding us with situations that keep us busy, cutting off essential spiritual supply such as fellowships, services, and God’s word, with the aim of compelling us to surrender to His plan. The adversary ensures that we are not spiritually nourished, and we end up starving from spiritual deficiency.

Being at Emporia for the last one school year was the best way to be spiritually nourished for me, I literally lived in the church building! This ensured that I met fellow believers for Monday dinners, Thursday fellowships, Sunday services, and our Reverend Kurt (Cooper) almost daily, he never lacks a word of encouragement. All these ensured my spirit was supplied and the enemy could not put me under siege.

After the Sunday service on ‘Spiritual Siege’, I became intentional at ensuring that my summer away from Emporia and away from the UMCM family was one that did not lack spiritual nourishment, lest the devil brings jobs, fun, endless running up and down, and all the entertainment, aimed at keeping me away from the stream of life which is the word of God.

Having that reflecting on my spiritual mirror this summer, I feel spiritually nourished, yet still having fun in Seattle. However, I can’t wait to be back in Emporia and reunite with the UMCM family. It’s always a good time!
-Kennedy Mwangi
Emporia State Campus Ministry

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